McAfee Quarterly Threat Report
Conducted by: McAfee Labs
Released: November 2014 and McAfee Labs
McAfee (now part of Intel Security), is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company which delivers proactive and proven solutions/services that assist in securing systems and networks throughout the world. The solutions offered at McAfee integrate antimalware, antispyware, and antivirus software with security management features to deliver analytical support, reduced risk, ensured compliance, improved internet security, and helping business achieve operational efficiencies. McAfee Labs, an entity of McAfee, is one of the world’s leading sources for threat research, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity thought leadership. By compiling data from millions of sensors across key threat vectors (including file, web, message and network), they are able to offer real-time threat intelligence, critical analysis, and expert thinking for the improvement of system protection and risk reduction.Timeframe
The McAfee Labs Threat Report is compiled, written and released on a quarterly basis (four per year). This edition of the Threat Report was released November 2014 and includes findings for quarter (Q3) and threat predictions for the upcoming fourth quarter, which includes the end of 2014 and beginning months of 2015 (Q4). Data Collection Methodology
Data for this report was compiled by McAfee Lab research associates (list included on pg. 3) through market research, HP Internet of Things Research Study, The National Vulnerability Database, Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigation Reports, Akamai Security reports, and McAfee customer surveys/incident reporting. Executive Summary
This edition of the Threat Report highlights the threat activity that McAfee Labs expects to see in Q4 and 2015. Through data compilation and analysis conducted on a global scale, this…

Threat Report Analysis