Vikings in Ireland
The Vikings were a brute force that invade Ireland in the 8th and 9th century. The Vikings caused destruction and chaos throughout Ireland with their raids. The Vikings dominated major cities eg… Dublin. They took over much of the country. Although the Irish tried to keep the Vikings out their number were too great. Although the Vikings were dangerous they did turn Dublin into one of the most important trading capitals in the Nordic world. In this essay I will discuss the Viking invasion of Ireland in detail outlining key aspects such what they left behind how they raided and how they rose to such power.
Ireland first encountered the Vikings in the late 8th century and early 9th. On their arrival plundering began of coastal church settlements. Churches were targeted because of their wealth. The metal plundered from the churches was made into jewellery also much of the recycled jewellery was used on Viking graves mainly female. Sources show that the main purpose of the Viking raid was captives. Captives were ransomed does who weren’t were enslaved. More and more raiders arrived on the Irish shores. This meant increased intensity on raids. Due to the increased number of Vikings many festivals took place and more fleets arrived by named leaders. Majority of Vikings originated from Limerick and Wexford. Louth and Dublin later became permanent settlements. In 2010 evidence of two Viking cemeteries were found in Kilmainham and Islandbridge. Evidence of a Viking base was found near temple bar. This would’ve been an ideal location for the Vikings. Temple bar is located next to the river Liffey. This would give access to river transportation which would be helpful for trading and incoming fleets. Around the 840s we see an increase of activity. The Irish armies had great success in battle. In 852 rivalries began between the different Viking factions1.
The Danish Vikings challenged the Norwegian Vikings of Ireland the Irish Vikings won. In 853…