I would want to transfer to JIS because it is good for my future. I knew the studies would be hard but I want to try. Since I’m 15 now it would be harder for me. I am really passionate about learning English although I knew I am going to do badly on my grades anyway. I sincerely hope I can learn a lot while studying there and get my A level without a hitch.
Currently I am studying in a Chinese private school yet I am going to a British School. I need to go to a British School so going to university would be easier. My mother’s friend mention about the A level and my mum thought it would be great if I go there to study. She knew more about university than my mum does. I am not going to either Taiwan or China to continue my study so there is no point studying in a Chinese private school.
I wanted to transfer to JIS because it is near my state which appears to be in Miri. JIS is a boarding school. They have their own canteen and nice rooms with roommates. I have never been in a boarding school. I wonder what it is going to be. I can visit my family whenever it’s Friday. I will take a 2 hours bus from Brunei to Miri.
My current school has a lot of to compare with JIS. Both schools are completely different. Include the system, appearance of the school, school fees, students and more.
My school has only Chinese student. I never get to meet a foreign student. The studies are not very hard because we just need to memorize it and we will get good grades. Some teacher gave me bad impression because they don’t really care about the students. Some teachers are not experienced. Our school is poor and don’t have good equipment.
Compare with my school, JIS is way more different since it is British system. I had a friend and I asked her about what it is like to study in British school. She said they will never spoon-fed students. They want students to think but not memorizing. It would be great if I understand what teacher taught me and I…

Why i would transfer to JIS