Family of Woodstock
Dyria Coleman
June 23, 2014
Melissa Williams
Family of Woodstock
Family of Woodstock is an organization that help every individuals in need the agency run different programs for the adults and for the adolescents. This paper was based on a scenario and I was to address the following question which were, what kind of factors led the founders to create the family of Woodstock and how has the Family of Woodstock did to specialized and meeting the need of the community and has the values, attitude and beliefs of the organization developed or change over a 40 year period and did any of these changes affect the way they delivery their services or how did specialization become a trend across human services delivery in general. Some factors that led the founders to create Family of Woodstock
The founders created the Family of Woodstock in 1970, which is a program for individuals who are having a hard time taking care of their selves or just need some help. The family of Woodstock offer shelters, food pantries, counseling, hotlines and childcare support that can help people get on their feet or seek help from other referrals that Woodstock offer. Family of Woodstock started off with volunteers to help with the people who was sleeping on the street by finding them shelter and food and any other care to meet their needs. Many volunteers and staff are working together to answer the phones lines and offer any help the best way they could. The agency was built to help people and the founders built theirs on no one will tell the people what to do with their lives or pass any judgment against them the Family of Woodstock don’t ask for names or social security numbers of the helper. (Family of Woodstock, Aug. 2005) Family of Woodstock specialized to meet the need of the community
Family of Woodstock provide many shelters, food panthers and other programs to help out the people in need, when it comes to the community…